Am I the right cake maker for you?

Each cake maker has there own unique style. Look at each cake makers portfolio and description of their cake making style. If you are looking for a modern and contemporary cake with sharp edges I am the right cake maker for you.



My diary has very limited space for the next couple of years. Unlike a lot of cake makers I try to focus on your cake and not take on multiple orders. During the summer months there maybe some cross over but I try to avoid this at all costs. Contact me via email or through the "contact us" option on my page.



Which type of cake is for you?

Naked cake I do not supply naked cakes as they are prone to drying out quickly. I wouldn't want anyone eating dry cake.

Semi naked A skim of buttercream to lock the cake to stop it drying out leaving a rustic finish. If you are getting married in the summer the cake would need to be in a cool / air-conditioned place to avoid it melting and sliding.

Buttercream finish Buttercream naturally has a slight yellow tinge and will never be 100% white like fondant. Buttercream can have a smooth or textured finish but if sharp smooth and stylist finish is what your looking for then fondant is for you.If you are getting married in the summer the cake would need to be in a cool/ air-conditioned place to avoid it melting and sliding.



 Fondant finish Fondant can be coloured, styled and leaves a elegant finish with sharp edges. I use ganache under my fondant to help with stability and those fantastic sharp edges.

Sugar flowers or fresh

Sugar flowers Are hand made and take hours to create and will be much higher in price compared to fresh flowers however its something you can keep for years as a memento if stored correctly. Whilst the sugar flowers are intricate they will not wilt in the heat. You do not have to take into consideration the time of year and if they will be in bloom for your wedding.

Fresh flowers You need to be careful when adding fresh flowers to a cake. Many people are not aware that some flowers are toxic or poisonous such as gypsophila. Some flowers drop small spores which when ingested can be very unpleasant for your guests. Please ensure you check flowers with your wedding cake maker.


The next step

Once you have confirmed availability you have a number of options.

1: Budget: Its advised to check my prices and ensure I am in your price bracket for wedding cakes.

2: Introductions: Email me your ideas, designs and requirements.

3: Meet & greet: Here is where we can discuss your ideas in grater detail and ensure we have covered all options.

4: Samples: You can order 5 samples from my post popular flavours list for £25 collection or £35 for next day delivery


Secure your date 

To secure your wedding date I require a 40% non refundable deposit. I work on a first come first served basis.